Friday, May 19, 2017

I'm here / Sóc aquí

It is a long way since I'm posting again. A lots of thing to talk about, a lot of things to update. At the moment here there are a selfportrait with colour pencils.

Here with colour.

Monday, December 12, 2016

El meu vídeo bloc / My vblog

Aquesta setmana finalment he pogut penjar la cinquena entrega del meu videoblog. Feia temps que volia encetar aquesta aventura, però el fet de què el pes l'haguem posat en d'altres xarxes socials no m'ha ajudat gens. Com sempre, tot és una qüestió de temps, del temps que disposes, del temps que pots dedicar al que fas. Tinc ganes de centrar-me més en allò que m'agrada i deixar d'estar dispers, oferint les meves energies d'una manera desequilibrada.

Així que us presento la sèrie de vídeos que aniré penjant. El primer va ser aquest que hi ha sota aquestes línies. Va ser una prova una presentació que potser és molt llarg, que té problemes amb l'audio, però que va ser una manera de començar, de llançar-se a la piscina.

En aquest vídeo ensenyo el meu camí fins a la Fundació Miró des de Sants Estació, un projecte en el que he estat treballant des de principis d'any. Estic ja en els últims detalls, en els més importants, així que no s'ha de defallir.

This week I could finally upload the fifth episode of my vblog. I had long wanted to start this adventure, but the fact that the weight we put on other social networks did not help anything. As always, everything is a matter of time, whereas you have, while you can spend in what you do. I want to focus more on what I like and stop being dispersed by offering my energies unevenly. 

So I present a series of videos that will go uploading. The first was the one who is beneath these lines. It was a test presentation, it is perhaps too long, it has problems with the audio, but it was a way to start, a way to begin this new adventure. 

In this video I show my way up to the Miró Foundation from Sants Station, in a project I've been working since early this year. I'm already in the last detail, in the most important, so you should not lose heart.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Dibuixant tant ràpid com puguis / Drawing as fast as you can

Darrerament veig que això de dibuixar puja i puja molt. El fet de dibuixar en un quadern, en una llibreta resulta molt atractiu i sobretot el fet que ha esdevingut una acte social. Dibuixar junts sembla ser una bona manera d'aprendre i ho és però al final aquesta activitat s'ha de practicar. S'ha de dibuixar molt, moltes hores, com tot. En aquesta entrada volia parlar del vídeo que trobeu sobre aquestes línies, però el fet de llegir diversos articles sobre el fet de què hi han més i més cursos sobre urban sketching m'ha fet reflexionar. Per mi l'urban sketching, cosa que s'ha anat definint amb el pas d'aquests darrers 9 anys, el proper any es celebraran els 10 anys d'Urban Sketchers, no només és dibuixar sobre un quadern, és molt més, és dibuixar i explicar històries.

Mentre hi ha gent que agafa un quadern i escriu per explicar històries, jo el que faig són dues coses dibuixar i escriure. Potser aquesta darrera és la que més ens costa, potser és perquè hem perdut el costum d'escriure. Ho entenc, jo em considero una persona visual, i en aquesta societat de la imatge som uns "homo videns" i uns "homo ludens", imatges i diversió a dojo.

És per això que us animo a no només dibuixar, afegiu text, escribiu en els vostres quaderns, no perdeu l'oportunitat de dir coses. Coses que no siguin evidents, coses suggerents, pensaments que siguin una espurna per encendre la curiositat.

Lately I see that drawing is going up and up. The act of drawing in a pad, a sketchbook is very attractive and especially the fact that it has become a social event. Drawing together seems to be a good way to learn and it is but in the end this activity must be practiced. You have to draw many, many hours, like everything. In this post I wanted to talk about the video you find above, but after reading several articles on the fact that there are more and more courses about urban sketching made me think. For me, the Urban Sketching, which has been defined with the passage of the last nine years, next year will celebrate 10 years of Urban Sketchers is not only drawing on a notebook is more is draw and tell stories. 

While there are people who take a notebook and writes to tell stories, what I do are two things to draw and write. Perhaps this last is the most difficult for us, perhaps it is because we have lost the habit of writing. I understand, I consider myself a visual person, and this image society we are "videns homo" and a "homo ludens", images and fun in abundance. 

That is why I encourage you to not only draw, add text write down in your notebook, do not miss the opportunity to say things. Things that are not obvious, things suggestive, thoughts to be a spark to ignite curiosity.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New ink for my fountain pens and brushes

Yesterday I received a parcel with three new bottles of black ink. It is waterproof and it has plenty of colours, probably not as much as Noodler's but they are really nice and quite safe from impurities. This is the reason I have decided to use it in my brushes.

I refill my fountain pens and brushes cartridges with a syringe. It is preferable that you use one for each colour if you do not want to pollute brighter colours with darkest. 

Here it is an sample with blue grey ink. I have refilled five brushes with blue, green, red, a mixed of blue and red and finally with black ink. 

Here it is a detail from the drawing from above. I love how ink behaves, it is like watercolour. It is also important which paper do you use. Here I have used a Leuchturm 1917 sketchbook. It is not suitable for wet media but it stands the use of ink as you can see.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Drawing in Châtel-Guyon for Route de Villes d'Eaux 2/2

Last days in Châtel-Guyon where really a bit stressful, but I needed to take a break and on Saturday morning I decided to go and draw a tractor a wonderful Ferguson - 30. From the old days when Châtel-Guyon still kept some farmers from its old days. 

I draw this tractor because sometimes you must to pay an homage to someone who has given and share so much to everybody. This person was Florian Afflerbach. I met him in Lisbon in 2010, we didn't talk too much to each other because I'm a shy person with those who I see as a model, and now I regret it to myself. He was one of the formers founders of Urban Sketchers. He was an architect but he didn't fit to nowadays architects profiles, who mainly do not draw. They just use computers. Anyway, he was really fan of drawing cars and he and Lapin were about to teach a workshop in the Manchester Urban Sketchers Symposium. It is a shame but his artwork and wise teaching remains among many of us. Thank you so much!

Eating in France has become a really nice experience, I have enjoyed plenty of great french dishes, plenty of good cheese and plenty of good wine. Every day at Châtel-Guyon, I had supper and breakfast at the Hôtel Spa Thermalia were I was delighted with for instance choux à la crème as a dessert or lobster... Before I left Châtel-Guyon I decided to eat at Villa M, great experience eating croustillant de Saint Nectaire, salade de jeunes pousses, suprème de Poulet fermier Label Rouge, Curry doux, Épeutre et Lentilles Corail. Finally as a dessert I choose un petit pot façon Viennois, Chocolat, Chantilly à la Banane Verte. 

Before I left Châtel-Guyon and my hotel, Hotel Spa Thermalia, I wanted to get an idea of my all my work done along five days. Hard work indeed but really pleasant. Nevertheless, I had to draw a last sketch, the one of rue Baraduc with the market. full of people and stalls, with different regional products or clothes. There was also a band which was part of the Jazz Festival, Jazz aux Sources.


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