Monday, May 16, 2016

Drawing in Châtel-Guyon for Route de Villes d'Eaux 1/2

One week ago I arrived to Châtel-Guyon, I was received by the owner and the receptionist, Michel, of my hotel and I was really pleased by their warm welcome. I felt tired of long, long trip by car and I arrived just in time to have supper.

Along the journey I also drew some sketches of my meals. They were just some snack, something fast to hit the road as quick as I could.

All the days I have spent in Châtel-Guyon have been a bit wet, most of my journeys was so. Fortunately I had the chance to change my plans from outdoor sketches to interior drawings. Like the theater. A really nice and refurbished building thanks to the people's funding which raised enough money to get a brand new building.

But my first sketch was on the top of mount of the Calvary. I couldn't finish it because I had a meeting with Elisabeth the tourist office director's and president of the Jazz festival. 

I needed a second chance but it wasn't the best one because weather, as I have mention before, was a bit fuzzy, rain, wind, sun, hot, freezing,... Everything in just a question of hours.

I had experience ups and downs with my drawings. People say that drawing and arts are for having fun, of course they are for that but also to experience frustration, it is part of the learning process, it is part of being a person. Here there are some of those which have been part of May learning process:

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Road to Brighton Workshop!

We are almost there and we are preparing our leaflets and introducing with some tips about drawing people. Here it is mine but you can find more tips from Isabel and Rolf here. And more information  about prizes, timetable, contents,... here:

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

If you are seated next to an emergency exit...

Last week when I took my plane to the UK I was asked to move to a seat next to the emergency exit. Flight attendant also asked me to read all the step by step in case of an emergency. I decided to draw it using myself as the main character.

There are plenty of people scared when they take a plane, I'm not. Maybe it is the way I am, maybe is that I feel like I'm taking a bus. Nevertheless, I'm lucky because most of the time I'm drawing and I'm worried about my leaking brushes, because of the pressure inside the cabin, and all these worries keep my brain busy.

After having a look to the emergency guidelines I felt a bit worried but then I saw it from the funny side. Hieratic figures of the original step by step were like "ok, we have suffered a flight crash but everything is fine." In some way figures and situation didn't fit to each other. I imagine something like "Lost" scenes where all the passengers started shouting and hand luggage was floating around.

Once I started my step by step I stopped because flight attendants started their play. Yes, that one that you should followed even if you are a regular traveller.

Life vest and oxygen mask are cool. Don't you think that a theme park about "fake emergency situations" would succeed? Human being is quite complicated, aren't we?

Usually I draw an indoor landscape or I pay attention to my flight mates but this time I decided to spent my flight drawing an step by step. Here there are some steps. 

While draw the step by by I decided to keep myself with the same mood that the original does. It is an emergency, ;-)

Monday, February 22, 2016

After Coventry Workshop Segovia

I have never been in Segovia until last Easter Break. I went there because Isabel Carmona invite me. My family and I went there and visit a nice but not so touristic as Toledo. It is a great city to enjoy with plenty of monuments and secret stories behind, most of them told by stones.

Before leaving Barcelona I had two request one from Isabel and the other from Santi Sallés. Isabel asked me to buy plenty of different liquid watercolors from a catalan brand called Vallejo. They produce nice colors but some of them, unfortunately, fade with UV light. After wandering along some art shops I found all of them. Then, secondly, Santi asked me to bring to him a Noodlers, the Heart of Darkness or the Lexington Gray. None of the Noodlers inks are easy to find in the UK even in London so I couldn't accomplish his request.  Anyway I found three nice felt tip pens which are quite useful for drawing and they stand watercolor washes.

Segovia is quite handful and easy to go everywhere by foot. It is a city which in Easter Break is bit busy with plenty of people coming just for enjoying the old and traditional processions. Virgins and crucified Christ were strolled around. We visited places as the old Vera Cruz Church. A romanesque church which was founded by the knights templars in the 1208. What is really appealing is the 12 sides plant.

Segovia is really well-known because its roman aqueduct. What a great place, intricate, complicate but wonderful… Light in Castilla is

Frederic Marés al 50é Sketchcrawl

English version / versión en Español

Ja fa uns quants anys que vaig als Sketchcrawl i la meva experiència ha anat canviant. De ser uns 5 o 6 hem acabat sent, normalment, uns 60 o 70. El màxim que ens hem reunit han sigut unes 500 persones el dia de l'Sketchcrawl que va coincidir amb el simposi a Barcelona, ara ja fa 3 anys, però no és el normal. Per mi molta gent és massa i poca gent està bé, tot i que les 60 o 70 persones que van venir aquest darrer Sketchcrawl va estar bé. Al final, sempre, tot és una qüestió d'organització.

En Santi va proposar que es fés aquesta vegada a la Plaça Catalunya per dibuixar un lloc emblemàtic. Ja sabem que pot arribar el pitjor lloc per a un barceloní, tot ple de turistes, de coloms i venedors de globus. Però al final no va estar tan malament. Només començar ja erem uns 30, però la gent es va anar afegint al llarg del matí.

Per mi Plaça Catalunya és un lloc on de petit en van fer una foto donant de menjar als coloms. És un bon record, i encara avui es continua fent. Ara veig als coloms d'una altra manera. Ara la gent es fa fotos amb pals de "selfie" i la Plaça s'ha convertit en un lloc on els "top manta" intenten sobreviure. Els senyors que venen begudes i gelats són paquistanesos. Tot ha canviat, però tot continua igual.

El globus són pels nens un reclam, no falten aquells dels personatges que surten a la televisió com el "Pocoyo" o les princesses de Disney, "Bob Esponja" i la resta d'animals imprescindibles. Els coloms volten per tot arreu, pidolant menjar.


La parròquia de Sta. Anna des del carrer Sta. Anna. A la dreta escultura a Barcelona de Frederic Marés.

Un cop hem dibuixat durant les primeres hores a plaça Catalunya ens dirigim a la parròquia de Sta. Anna, amagada però cada vegada més coneguda. Ara ja fa uns 3 anys van començar a cobrar entrada per visitar el claustre romànic. Des de llavors no he tornat a entrar. No vull entrar en el debat etern i estèril de si Barcelona és pels turistes o pels barcelonins, queda clar que ja fa temps que Barcelona ha deixat de ser pels seus habitants, com totes les grans ciutats europees, Barcelona, com Londres o París, ha caigut en les mans dels tour-operadors. 

Parròquia de Sta. Anna. Detall de la façana il·luminada parcialment. Alguns turistes despistats treuen el cap.

Després de dinar tota una colla, gent nova, gent que ja fa temps que venim als Sketchcrawls, vàrem tornar a la Plaça de Catalunya per continuar dibuixant més. Jo tenia ganes de dibuixar unes de les escultures. Aquesta precisament és de Frederic Marès. La vida és estranya, dies abans em vaig assabentar que l'escultor era nat a la vila de Portbou, lloc on faré un taller juntament amb en Santi.

L'escultura representa a una jove a cavall, Barcelona, que amb els braços alçats sosté un vaixell, que representa el passat i el present comercial i marítim de la ciutat. Aquest aspecte comercial està reforçat amb la figura de Mercuri "déu de la mitologia romana, que era el missatger dels déus,[1] protector del comerç, fill de Júpiter i Maia Maiestas. Era un déu important dels negocis, els beneficis i el comerç. El seu nom està relacionat amb Merx-rcis: mercaderia, article, gènere." (font la viquipèdia).


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